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Föhn Select

Föhn Select, our new cloud based wind development site selection tool, is now ready for demonstrations, subscription sales and associated consultancy work.


View our new tool in action below!


Please contact us for a demo - we'd love to show you what the tool can do.

  • Risk any constraints item according to your own specifications - water depth, visibility from land, environmental protected areas, existing wind farms, offshore infrastructure, substrate type 

  • See the updates live in your workspace

  • Add buffers around items such as shipwrecks, pipelines and coastlines

Risking example.png

Risk important zones and hazards - apply buffers

  • Set risk boundaries by ranges:

    • What ranges of water depth are you looking to work in? 

    • If you are considering a new technology, do you need to rerun the scenarios with different depth ranges?

    • How far from the coastline do you need to be?

Set ranges for risking water depths

  • Set up as many projects and scenarios as you need - quickly evaluate areas on a range of scales, from regional to license area

  • Add complexity through uploading your own data

  • Add notes and comments regarding the project

Example data area and map.png

Export word documents - export risking parameters and resultant areas for development

Export images of maps - use for presentations and applications


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